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About Debbie Ternes 

Debbie Ternes is a seasoned Confidence Coach, a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach, inspiring Speaker and Mentor with over 16 years of experience. A previous HR leader, Debbie understands the demanding role HR leaders face. She is the co-founder of Authentic Friendships, a community for women. Debbie’s clients build their confidence, realize new possibilities and have powerful transformations that impact their relationships, careers and lives.

Do you want to build trust and accountability? 

Accountability builds trust with your vendors, employees, clients, and business associates.  Create a culture of accountability to encourage productive, engaged, and happier, more confident employees.  During this one-hour webinar, Debbie shares some simple tips that you can start using immediately to reach the success you desire. Sharing real-world examples, you'll walk away feeling empowered to make the changes your organization needs. 


Webinars at Star Staffing

Each webinar topic is chosen with our audience of HR professionals, leaders, and business owners in mind. We love to learn and hope you will continue to join us for great sessions. Join us as often as you like and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover. We are excited to have you have joined our HR community.