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About Dr. Craig Nathanson

Dr. Nathanson is the Program Coordinator for the Human Resource Management Certificate Program at Sonoma State University and Adjunct Lecturer in the School Of Business and Economics at Sonoma State. Dr. Nathanson has written and published seven books on personal and mid-life development and management, including “The Best Manager: Getting better results through people.” Dr. Nathanson’s book “Joyful work in Midlife: The five stages,” accumulates twenty years of research in the intersection of work and midlife.

How to Enable Joyful Work

When work is enjoyable and aligns with one’s deepest core values, all internal indicators increase, such as happiness, energy, sense of meaning in one’s life, and the quality of life and relationships.

The career development process, linked to existing job ladders and organizational opportunities, limits growth. And these days, the younger generation wants and demands meaning out of their work. During this webinar, you will how to support that type of environment. 


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