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How to be a Humanistic Leader

Join Dr. Craig Nathanson and learn about the complex act of leading. In his presentation, he will discuss how a person must first be able to lead themselves before leading others. Leading one's self takes a deep sense of self-awareness.

Humanistic Leadership aims to place people over profit to make business more sustainable. Putting people over profit does not mean that profit is not essential. Every business needs profit, but with a humanistic leadership approach, both businesses and people thrive. With the constant threats of the Coronavirus, environmental change, and geopolitical conflict, we need Humanistic Leadership to enable a sustainable business and a more peaceful world


About Dr. Craig Nathanson 

Dr.Nathanson is the Program Coordinator for the Human Resource Management Certificate Program at Sonoma State University and Adjunct Lecturer in the School Of Business and Economics at Sonoma State. Dr. Nathanson has written and published seven books on personal and mid-life development and management, including “The Best Manager: Getting better results through people.” Dr. Nathanson’s book “Joyful work in Midlife: The five stages,” accumulates twenty years of research in the intersection of work and midlife.