About Shamis Pitts

Shamis Pitts, MBA, CPC (ACC), SHRM-SCP owns Pitts Leadership Consulting LLC. Pitts Leadership’s vision is for wellbeing to thrive in every individual and within every organization. Shamis moves this vision into action through leadership coaching, training and facilitation, keynote speaking and human capital consulting.

Shamis has operated at the intersection of strategy, people and business process for 20+ years within the management consulting, financial services, education and start-up tech industries. On January 1, 2020, she launched a year-long campaign to create conversations around leadership and wellbeing. She is also a Thrive Global contributor.

Your Wellbeing: How Self Care Impacts the Organization

Workplace wellness is more important now than ever. With employees balancing work and family, stress levels are high.

Join wellness expert Colleen Boden of Kaiser Permanente to learn how to implement and support a robust wellness program focused on employee health and wellbeing. Encourage and support a healthy lifestyle that supports work/life balance for all.


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